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Ahtme, formerly The Roman Holiday, is a death metal band from Kansas City, Missouri. Spawning in 2006, out of a desire to create heavy music, The Roman Holiday spent their first year writing. In 2007, with the average age of the band being 17, they released their first EP, "The Apocalyptic Genocide of the Human Race." In 2009, after some lineup adjustments, they recorded their debut full length, "The Demonization," with Navene Koperweis (Entheos, ex Animals as Leaders, ex Animosity). In 2015, after emerging from a 6 year hiatus and undergoing a name change, Ahtme signed with Unique Leader Records and finally saw an official release of "The Demonization." Now, with their second full length, “Sewerborn,” set to drop in the spring of 2018, Ahtme promises to deliver even more of what their fans look to them for: fast, heavy, and catchy, riff driven death metal.


Drums   |  Jordan Plumer
Vocals  |  Brent Turnbow
Guitar  |  Dalton Harper
 Bass    |  Craig Bruenger



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